Liberation Artist Conversation – Jonathan Mead Revisited

LiberationArtist JonathanMead Liberation Artist Conversation   Jonathan Mead Revisited

I’m excited to bring you another conversation with Liberation Artist Jonathan Mead.  Jonathan is a liberation badass.  This year he quit his real job and moved into coaching and writing full time.

I had the opportunity to first speak with Jonathan back in the spring and you can find that interview here.

There’s been a lot of change and growth since then and in this conversation we talk about our own personal growth both personally and on a more business level.  We’re not just talking about this online world either – we explore how we each explain the juncture of the personal development online community and the social worlds we inhabit offline, how we help to enrich the world and communities around us, and inspire others to go out and create change in the world.

Reverse-engineering motivations, how life coaching changes both the coach and the client, and why he’s been holed up in a cave (i.e. desk) for a month.

Listen to it here (Donald Trump apprentices need not apply):

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Jonathan Mead is the author of the Zero Hour Workweek and Reclaim Your Dreams.  He’s a regular contributor to Zen Habits.  Runs the Black Sheep Project with Jared Kessler.  Is the Lead Ass-Kicker for Project Mojave.  And is ready to launch his own e-course on how to Get Paid to Exist – an indepth examination about how to turn your passion and skill into a saleable skill.

Excuse the breathing into the microphone – I sound like I’ve got a respiratory disorder.

Words to Live Your Life By

3174839833 14cc67a73e d Words to Live Your Life By

Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?

That depends a good deal on where you want to go, said the Cat.

I don’t much care where, said Alice.

Then it doesn’t matter which way you go, said the Cat.

Lewis Carroll

Do you much care where you are going?

I’m sure you do.  If you’re reading this you’re probably much more interested in where you are in your life and where you are going that the majority of people I meet.  Perhaps that rings of a bit of cynicism for the general populace – regardless.

Living your life with a certain care, a certain aesthetic or design requires a conscious choice of the values that will guide us.  Otherwise we are asking for directions without having a sense where we should be going.  We need not be as blithely unaware as Alice though.

So how do we determine our values?

There are many ways, but this is one way I find effective for myself.

Find a quiet space for yourself where you can sit and contemplate.  This may be headphones in during your lunch break, in the park, in your favorite arm chair – whatever is truly comfortable for you.

Close your eyes (after you’ve finished reading this).

Take one, two, three slow deep breathes.  With each inhale let your body relax and fill with calm.  With each exhale let go of the troubles of your day, the worries and the practicalities.  You can get back to them later.

Think about this question: What values do I seek to embody?

Turn it over in your mind, stretch it out, look at it from as many angles as you want.  This question is about you. Not your work, your family, or your art.

Picture the person you are in five years – wiser, experienced, learned.

What values does that person embody?

Open your eyes, write down anything that came to your mind.  Spend a few minutes writing these things down.

Now look at your list and determine common themes.  Repackage them into groups by connecting them with arrows or circling them together.

For each group write out a sentence or two about what that group of kindred values means to you.  By giving your value groups specific meaning clarifies what it is embody those values for you.

Words are merely jumbled letters unless meaning is attached.

In determining the meaning for each of your value groups you will realize some values are more shallow or less important than others.  Select the top five or six value groups that you seek to embody.  Clarify them further.

Repeat this exercise on occasion. At the beginning you may notice your values are material or connected to things in the world, as you repeat this exercise you will find that they become more about who you are.

If you want to see my values which I re-examined recently, click here.

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Re-Imagining for the Future – Feedback Please

Sometimes you outgrow a place in pursuit of your purpose and must accept to leave it and move on to the next step – that is what will be happening in the future.

And so I turn to you, my readers, friends and network, for comments and suggestions on the redirection and branding behind my future blog venture. This time I’ve got a clear purpose and plan and that starts with hearing from you.

An Interview with Cath Duncan – The Bottom-line Bookclub

 An Interview with Cath Duncan   The Bottom line Bookclub

Cath Duncan – Life Coach & Location Independent Professional

And all around awesome person.

I had the opportunity to meet Cath in Denver for lunch when she was traveling through the U.S. for a month with her husband.  We had a great time and snapped the above photo.  It really goes to show how you can develop strong connections with people across the globe that resonate with your lifestyle through social networking, blogging and more.

I interviewed Cath last week about her entry into the world of Location Independent living and her Bottom-line Bookclub series.

She shares some fantastic stories about her transition into location independent living and the online world as a complete newbie and the challenges it presented her with.  Her ability to understand problems and how to ask smart and open questions really provides insights into how we should approach the difficulties in our life.

She also delves into how our perspective influences the options we see in our lives and how, once we change our way of viewing the world, we open up to the opportunities that were there before us but we failed to acknowledge.  Removing the blinders enables us to focus in a whole different manner.

Please enjoy this interview with Cath Duncan.

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The Bottom-line Bookclub

BLBC banner7 An Interview with Cath Duncan   The Bottom line BookclubHer Bottom-line Bookclub series takes one personal development book each month and breaks it down into its core ideas.  It’s easy to skim over books and material and fail to put that knowledge into action, instead the Bottom-line series gives you a workbook with exercises meant to guide you through the growth process.

This month the book was The Flipside by Adam Jackson.  The Bookclub also includes interviews with the authors, a social network to collaborate with other members, and daily tips.

Get a free copy of last months Bottom-line book – Escape from Cubicle Nation by Pam Slim – by giving Cath your feedback just by filling out this survey.

Disclaimer: This post does include affiliate links for the Bottom-line Bookclub and by helping to spread the word I’ll earn a percentage on any sales made here.  I don’t endorse many products here at Slacker Reform but Cath’s Bookclub is an excellent program and if you enjoyed the interview and filled out the survey (do it, it’s free!) and still want in on the Bookclub please use one of my links and throw a few bucks my way.

What You Know is Useless (Or Why You Shouldn’t Bother to Think)

3792260561 1ccba560dd o d What You Know is Useless (Or Why You Shouldnt Bother to Think)

… Without Action.

Regardless of how much you learn or how much self reflection goes on in your head – if you don’t put it to action you might as well not be thinking.

Knowledge is power.

Buddha: What we think, we become.

Our thoughts are one of our greatest resources, yet they easily become an escape – a prison in which we gladly lock ourselves.

In relationships, lifestyle design, business, health – whatever aspect of life – we escape into our thoughts as a means of avoiding the world around us.  We embark upon a quest to live among the clouds and believe we are flying when we are really falling.

Falling into complacency, habit, unconsciousness.  We fall into a life where we are no longer the governing force and become governed instead.

Is that how we want to live? In our heads – in the clouds of thoughts, drifting along in our own passing fancy?

That’s not how I want to live.  Regardless of how much positive thinking I have, if I don’t get down to business I’m really just full of it, pretending to be what I’m not.

When you learn something new, it is then that you must be bold and give that knowledge life.  Put yourself out there with the possibility of failure and stand a chance of understanding the knowledge you possess.

My most recent example:

I recently finished Keith Ferrazzi’s book on networking, Never Eat Alone, and began taking action on the information.

Networking, staying connected, being social with strangers – these are things I’ve usually been bad at or that make me uncomfortable.  Yet, something different was driving me to put into action the things I was reading about.

With each step where I reached out, called an old friend, sent followup messages, and talked to strangers, I felt emboldened to reach higher, extend my knowledge further and connect with the people I know and meet everyday.

Until I found myself sitting in an airport in an hour long conversation with a japanese student about our own lives, interests and family.  We struggled over the language barrier.  We managed to laugh a bit.  I even shared with her the information of a friend of mine who runs a photography blog when she expressed her own interests in photography – she was new to the area and would be there a while, and I believed she would benefit from knowing this particular friend.

The faster you put newly acquired knowledge into practice the faster you get past the stumbling stages and can excel at applying that knowledge.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.

~Johan Wolfgang von Goethe

Reach out and engage with the world, even if your knowledge is imperfect, even if you have self doubt.  Recognize that it is there and then act anyways and own it.

What have you learned that you’ve been neglecting to act upon?

Don’t ask yourself why, you’re only escaping again with self-justifications.

Go. Do.

If you need to: 3-2-1 Go!

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The Slacker Revolution Newsletter

2054107736 e231ed3572 o The Slacker Revolution Newsletter

This past week I made the decision to put the Slacker Revolution Newsletter to good use.  It’s been sitting idle and I can’t stand by that any longer.

So, for the first time I’ll be adding value every week to those members of the Slacker Revolution with these simple items.

A selection of articles for Slackers to peruse.

These may be inspiring, useful or just plain interesting to Slackers everywhere.

A weekly action item for Slackers to get behind.

This may be a challenge, a tip to improve oneself with, an exercise to perform, or something similar to engage in during the week to come.

A quote to inspire Slackers.

I’ll also include short commentary on how I interpret the quote in my own life.

In addition, I encourage all members of the Slacker Revolution to send me links to interesting articles, quotations, and any other feedback.

Join the Slacker Revolution Now!

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 The Slacker Revolution Newsletter

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