What is Slacker Reform?

Slacker: One who shirks work or responsibility.

Reform: To change to a better state, form, etc.; improve by alteration, substitution, abolition, etc.

Slacker Reform is starting the Slacker Revolution.

We don’t work for work’s sake.  We aren’t productivity gurus or flighty entrepreneurs.  We do what we love.  We get paid to exist, and live on our own terms.

Our motto rings: We Don’t Care [what you think].

Join the Slacker Revolution and redefine what it means to be a Slacker.

Slacker Reform is my voice as a liberation artist.  It is my commitment to you to help you create your life on your terms.  It is a resource for tools of the trade of liberation and freedom.

Carl & the AmperstandWho Am I?

Carl Nelson

The Facts:

  • I am 25.
  • I have a degree in Philosophy.
  • I grew up in Maine.
  • I am a slacker.

The Reality:

I have avoided the conventional concept of work for the better part of my life excepting a short stint as a corporate IT professional in NYC for part of 2008.  I am good at doing the bare minimum necessary to get by and I’m committed to doing that in the best way possible.

I am a professional Lindy Hopper. I teach, compete and perform all across the country and sometimes internationally.  I co-run a blog for the Lindy Hop community – Lindybloggers and have my own personal blog on dance – Carl’s Jazz Dance Blog.  It was my first real passion and it has transformed my life.  It has taught me about commitment, integrity, authenticity and far more.

I am a vagabond. I have been on the road for six months so far and I see no end in sight.  I live out of a single suitcase and a shoulder bag.  You can follow my travelogue here – Vagabond Cafe.  I am location independent and I work from wherever I see fit.  In six months the road has taught me responsibility, simplicity and openness.

I am a philosopher. I have a love of wisdom and a passion for being engaged and interested.  I have a need to think critically and creatively, to engage people on their passions, and to be aware of the world around me.  It has taught me to question, to explore and discover, to not take for granted, and to know myself.

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