Are You Ready to Make a Sacrifice? (goats not included)

3095328182 c52bba4b61 b d Are You Ready to Make a Sacrifice? (goats not included)

To have anything in life, you have to give something up.

That’s the way it is.

A liberated existence comes with the burden of conscious choice and with conscious choice comes the understanding of what you sacrifice to gain something. This applies across the board – finances, relationships, work, play.

My own choice to vagabond through the U.S. – and soon abroad – was a deliberate one.  I put a constant home on the block and struck it down myself.  I did not know what other sacrifices that it would take to maintain a life on the road – but as each comes up I learn and accept each for what they are.

Some are easier to let go of – not always having a comfortable bed, while others are harder to deal with – letting go of the possibility of a long term relationship.  Yet the vagabond life is one I have chosen and still pursue. It is an honest part of who I am right now and forcing myself to deny that would take me away from my path.

What have you put on the block?

Similarly, to choose self employment over a regular job is to sacrifice the goat of security.  That security comes in the form of a regular paycheck, company health insurance, colleague banter we all pine for (maybe not), and so on.  We sacrifice the security of being taken care of by a company for the freedom self employment offers.  With that freedom we take on the responsibilities that were taken care of by the company – finding clients, paying for health care, finding collaborators on projects, etc.

What is your goat a symbol of?

There are many examples of things that we offer up as sacrifices yet understanding what we gain and what we have given up is important.  Whether our sacrifices are for our sanity, our health, our freedom, our security – the choice is ours to make.

What would your sacrifice afford you the freedom to do?

Why haven’t you done it yet?

Flickr photo by Melissa Maples.

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  • I wanna find more info about this, anybody could?

  • Rob

    This is a difficult post for me to read. I tend to think the cutting back in my life is always in an effort to give me more. I support it's all about perspective, sure I'm physically giving up more each month when I scour my apartment for things to get rid of...monthly minimizing as I call it. I give up a lot of time socializing to pursue business ideas or research or getting amped about the next big thing....but I don't ever think about it as losing something. I suppose then I choose to focus on one of your last sentences...remembering that giving up means we gain something!

    I'll be pointed, I think I give up things now in hopes to gain for the future. Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out on the now...with only hopes for a better later.

  • Thanks Rob. It is a matter of perspective how we look at the things we get rid of or give up in our lives and that's the point of the post.

    Sacrifices are about trading one thing for another - whether it was a sacrifice of a goat for better crops in the harvest or scouring your apartment for things that you don't need for the feeling of openness and lightness it brings to your space.

  • There are so many good goats too.

    A change of perception/attitude can change your goats.

    Nice post.

  • Too true! I'm on the first day of my grand voyage, and though I've only made it as far as Seattle, I've already given up my home, my secure and thriving business in LA, my comfy queen-sized bed and a great relationship.

    We'll see if it's worth it, but even now, at the very beginning when things are still wonky, it seems like everything will be alright.

    It's definitely important to make big decisions consciously, though. I wouldn't dream of tossing so many valuable and treasured things out the window without knowing that there may be something better on the horizon.

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