• Jane

    Is this a joke?

  • Should it be?

  • SeanLance

    Shirk....Silly....Slacker, powerful words my friend.
    "Paid to be you", that is what I used to tell people when I was on disability for a few years from a car accident. It made me giggle in that apparently being me is not a very high paying position!
    The revolution would be great if I could just get my slacker self motivated.

    All silliness aside this is a fantastic presentation of an idea that needs to be awakened in many of us in the world.

  • Powerful words indeed.

    And while paid to be you might be a bit controversial sometimes, it's a deeper understanding of awakening the proper form of slacker to really revolutionize yourself.

  • A brilliant blogpost Carl. I can see you in my mind's eye meandering into the kitchen, cracks me up.

    But seriously now. This is a very important message concealed within this blogpost. It's about waking up and doing what YOU want to do with YOUR life... After all, it is yours isn't it? So why spend it any other way than the way you want to spend it.

    Although I distrust leadership and blindly following others I'll tag along for this revolution

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