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This past week I made the decision to put the Slacker Revolution Newsletter to good use.  It’s been sitting idle and I can’t stand by that any longer.

So, for the first time I’ll be adding value every week to those members of the Slacker Revolution with these simple items.

A selection of articles for Slackers to peruse.

These may be inspiring, useful or just plain interesting to Slackers everywhere.

A weekly action item for Slackers to get behind.

This may be a challenge, a tip to improve oneself with, an exercise to perform, or something similar to engage in during the week to come.

A quote to inspire Slackers.

I’ll also include short commentary on how I interpret the quote in my own life.

In addition, I encourage all members of the Slacker Revolution to send me links to interesting articles, quotations, and any other feedback.

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 The Slacker Revolution Newsletter

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