Today I Am Lost Again

lost Today I Am Lost AgainVagabonding is a life of letting go.

Of things.  Of places.  Of people.

Each day is new, unique, fresh.  Yet the day before is gone, a shadow, a memory of the road you can’t turn around on.  As a wanderer of the globe you are not rooted in one place.  You will meet amazing people, you will love them, then you will leave.  Your life is not there.  It’s out on the road.  One you have chosen, perhaps one that has chosen you.

That road calls.

It is not about falling asleep content at home.  It is collapsing – exhausted – wherever you may be because you have spent all you have in the world.

“When will you understand that being normal isn’t necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage.”

One day another road may call, it may reunite you with a world you once knew but the time is not now.  It is not time to step off your road.  Instead…

Strive to break the world.  When it shatters a new one is revealed.

Embrace the impermance.  Love the temporary.  Live it fully.

Vagabonding is about losing yourself.  Then finding yourself.  Then getting lost all over again.  Without the lows (the letting go) the highs (the experiencing) would never be revealed.  We only know what we had once it’s gone.  And for vagabonds, we are always going.

Vagabonding reveals to us that which a stationary life cannot for we are always in the process of losing something.

Today I am lost again.

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  • great quote. something i've been pondering...why i'm not normal and how hard it is for my family to not see that as a negative. normal is not a compliment.

  • Sloane Davidson

    Ah, nomad friend! We are always going indeed. I write about this often too. But one post came to mind when I read yours, it's from after I was in New Orleans for a month and all the pieces started to come together (as they only can when you're someplace for awhile).

    So check out this post: http://www.thecausemopolita...

    And keep on trucking on. Hope to cross paths one day.

  • I hope you know, Carl, how you inspire people. We have many journeys in life and healthy farewells are a part of them. The journey that you're on today make you more aware of that fact. I'm sure you're mastering the art of living in the present moment, too. Keep the wind at your back, man.

  • Excellent reminder. The "security" that most people seek is an illusion anyway.

  • Great poetry Carl!

    Very inspiring. Life is not measured by what it you consume, it can only be valued by the contribution you make and the experiences you have.

    It is hard to give up something you have now for the unknown and uncertain. However, it is in those moments of the greatest sacrifice that we grow the most as humans and as global citizens.

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