Today Skip Work

Today Skip Work or School or Life

Don’t do your normal routine.  Today take a walk.

Not down the street to your local cafe with your laptop, smartphone and all the regulars.

Take a hiatus.  A one day sabbatical where you get away from it all and see the world again.  Let’s call it a slacker day.

Travel as light as possible.  Take a small amount of cash (cause this isn’t a shopping spree), only the necessary keys.  Leave the cellphone at home.  Leave the laptop on your desk.  Take a notebook, a pen or pencil and maybe a camera.

It’s time to disconnect from the flurry of modern living and take a walk in the world.  Reconnect with your environment, your city, your park, your countryside.  This journey is about not caring about that 5 o’clock conference call or what people are saying on Twitter.  Cause it doesn’t matter.

Not to you.  Not right now.

If this is your first time taking a hiatus from the real world it might take a bit of getting used to.  We’re often so drawn to routines in our everyday that we get stuck in routines in our thinking, our actions.  Get a little unstuck and forget about the rules.  Actually, go counter to what you would normally do.

Don’t go to your favorite park.  Don’t walk down the avenues that you’re used to.  Each step is along a different path, one you haven’t walked before.

At first just observe.  Use your senses.  Find an easy pace that lets you take in the world.

Find the wonder.  Be a child and see it, breathe it, feel it.  Be mindful but don’t push yourself into the world.  It’s not about interacting, this is about consuming the world in every detail.  Let yourself get wrapped up in your senses.

Get lost.

If you feel the pull of guilt from being away your Outlook notifications, a hole in your pocket where your cellphone normally is, accept it and then let it go.  Those thoughts are free to float about but don’t attach yourself to them – you’re not your thoughts.

You’ll have these thoughts throughout your day.  They’re okay.

Soon things that you sense will start to stand out.  Sketch them or write them down, take a picture.  It’s not about perfection just the moment.  This is living in a stream of consciousness.  Just like those silly exercises that you had to do in high school english (I actually liked them).

Don’t start small.  This isn’t a lunch hour walk.  This is your slacker day.  Your day to say “I don’t care [I’m not doing anything today]”.

Walk for a while.  Sit and people watch or nature watch or study the patterns of the table while you sip a coffee.

You’ll find that as the day goes on the clutter of noise that we often surround ourselves with (text messages, e-mail, idle chatter, etc.) disappears and your thoughts will open up.  Sometimes they’ll be fleeting or minutiae, sometimes creative or inspirational.  Jot them down.  Fill your day with notes, sketches and pictures.

This is your day to consume the world.

So here’s my permission to you to say “I don’t care [today is for me]” and skip work.  If your boss asks tell them I said you could.  They can e-mail me.

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  • NotaName

    I just realized something, i dont realy can't descripe what...
    tomorrow im gona take this way further, i only take about the same amount of stuff but im gona travel through the land i live. ofc with more money :)

    sorry about my english, i just feeld like i have to write here!

  • Actually, I took a day off recently because I was really feeling the pull to write something for my blog. It was a good decision. That post got the biggest response I've ever received. Trust your gut.

  • This seems like a modified mode of meditation, cleaning your mind of the clutter and mindless obligations. It's darn scary!

  • Agreed. It can be a bit scary to cut yourself off from the world for a day but it's rewarding in ways that I never thought possible. I'm far more focused after a day of silence like this.

  • Terrific !!! This "Doing Nothing" Day should be made official so we wouldn't feel guilty about doing nothing! It's simply ... living and real Zen.

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