Vagabonding as a Radical Life Choice – Video Blog 9

Vagabonding is a radical life choice which departs greatly from the stationary communities and homes of conventional society. However, while people may not understand the path and may look negatively upon the choice to break from the norm vagabonding is a personal, almost spiritual, path and not one of elitism or superiority.

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  • 1whitehorse1

    Hey, I think I saw this book in chapters, across from books on investing...I bought the book on investing cause it's kind of a slacker way to make money, lol. So far so good, haha. Nice to stumble upon your site.


    Lemme just post some slacker flicks, for kicks.

    Slacker (naturally), Waking Life, A Girl is a Girl, Dazed and Confused, Wayne's World I & II, Before Sunrise, Before Sunset...many of which are by the same director. yay!

  • Sean

    Yes, very spiritual!

    I now live in Montreal. Taking care of my mom takes up to 50 % of my time. I love her and will never leave her. But if she is trasferred to a home and/or passes away, I am on a plane to Korea to become a priest. I was in Korea in 2004 and got to meet a priest. I swas introducded to Father Blot by the French Ambassador's wife. He offerred to take me into the North, but my Rotary Team Leader said no.


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