We’re All Full of Shit – David Duchovny Would Agree

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Live any honestly self reflective life and you’ll have this thought:

“I’m full of shit.”

Occasionally paired with this thought:

“I hope no one else notices.”

I know I do.  More often than I’d like actually.

So where is all this coming from?  Clay brought it up when we met up for brunch on my roadtrip.

“People are full of shit.” That’s what he said.

I laughed.  I knew it was true.

Look at it this way.  There is this epic joke that one day people are going to catch on to.  That I’ve really no clue as to how to live and have just been ranting and raving lunatic things.  That’s how I’m certain it looks.  We’re on the edge – our unconventional lifestyles, vagabonding, freedom businesses, liberation manifestos, working for no man…  we teeter very close to lunacy (not that I mind).

So we’ve got to push the joke past the limits.  You’ve got to believe your own joke.

Really, that’s it.  Being the real deal is doing it even when you don’t believe yourself.  You’ve got a mission, the hard facts of life, and the road before you.  If the words that come out of your mouth feel fake – fake it.  Sometimes to be the real deal we have to act it, like David Duchovny.

That’s right.  You’ve got to be so full of it that you can fool yourself into believing it’s possible.  That’s your game.  It isn’t just positive affirmations and productivity tools it’s about action in the face of self doubt.

Once you’ve got that.  You’ve got it.

As long as you’re the only person to catch on – good – the longer you can get away with it.

Cause, really, we’re all full of shit.

Flickr photo courtesy of danny.hammontree.

Also, this post in no way has been endorsed by David Duchovny – even though I think it should be.

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  • As a science students are have more in test to get more better something in here. I enjoy your job so much which makes us so more freest and developed.

  • Agnesa DeAli

    Haha... God Im so full of shit I should finally accept it instead trying to fight it. Because more I am trying to fight it more full of shit I am. Because it is better to be full of shit when you dont care in a way or you still like yourself than to be full of shit when you hate yourself.

  • Sam

    So no matter what, being full of shit is something we can't change? Even trying to not be full of shit is in fact full of shit, right? So, its an endless cycle of insanity. In the end, does this conflict (of being full of shit) matter? For me, it matters at the moment. But, I guess once you (anyone) reach a certain point, you just don't give a shit about what anyone thinks or about anything that's not really significant. And that is to truly be genuine, and not full of shit, right?

  • there were times when i would hide from people thinking that if i meet i would say something that might hurt them .But now i meet people am able to listen before i put across my views. But still to reach the good standard to say i am out of it.As you say its better to keep our mouthshut especially when we are angry..Self Esteem Affirmations

  • It's completely legit to be a mental case in the blogosphere.

    That is, as long as you KNOW you are. It's at the point that you know longer know this that things go terribly wrong and we all end up reading blogs written by fakers. Be proud of what you are but more important, know thyself. If you have no idea who you are, how are others supposed to know? Be honest, even in shitting with people. Do it with flair and commitment.

    There is no faking, really be the mental case that you know you are. Yes we're on the edge of sanity in this field of personal development and lifestylde design, but we like it this way. And if you didn't notice the blog heading here.. " We don't care, what you think"

    We're a bunch of mental cases, but we wouldn't want it any other way.

    Thanks for this virtual ass-kick Carl, I needed it and really enjoyed this blogpost as you might have concluded from my comment. (Hint: it's a good thing when I start rating..)

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