When Is It Time Enough?

When is it time enough?

When is it time enough to say that’s it.

I will have it.  I will make it.  I will do it.  I will be it.

When is it time enough to say it’s alright to have what I want.

It’s probably already too late but it’s never too early.  Getting started means making the decision and going now.  It’s not about hedging your bets and feeling out the course before you go.  It’s about running headfirst at the wall so you can make it all the way up.

Take a vote of confidence from your resident free runners. Sometimes the best way over an obstacle is to bounce around it.

I have had many instances where I’ve hedged my bets, taken my time, waxed philosophic, and yet never gotten down to the nitty-gritty and really said what I wanted.  Really done what I wanted or taken initiative.

Reaction is too late.

Response is too meditated.

Initiative is creativity coupled with action.  It is innovation.

It is breaking the pull of static.

Break the pull.

Time expired.  Get over it and get it done.

Pick something today that you want to do, want to make, want to be.

Feel a bit like Mike.

Just do it.


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  • wilbutler

    I prefer to go through the wall rather than over it, continuously bashing at whatever I want to do until I manage to accomplish it. I suppose that's the method of the man who really has no idea how to proceed, so he does whatever is most obvious because he simply can't not do it.

    It always does feel a little too late when you finally start doing something you've been planning, doesn't it?

    It's probably far better to do whatever we want to do exactly when we want to do it rather than overthinking and overplanning until it just seems impossible. I've known far too many people never even bother to start simply out of fear of not being able to handle it.

  • Encouraging words, Carl. Getting started is a huge step. After you get going, how do you keep motivated, though? Maybe you can write a post about staying motivated next?

  • Thanks for the feedback. I'll definitely add this to my list of to-write. It's something that I work at as well.

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