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Reclaim Your Dreams by Jonathan Mead

reclaimdreamscover ProductsI had the opportunity to read and review Jonathan Mead’s e-book.  It contains a number of excellent exercises to draft your vision and start you on the path to following your dreams.  One thing you’ll notice in almost all of Jonathan’s writing is he doesn’t stick to the normal productivity & life hack ideas that get pushed around all the time.  He doesn’t let the standards of even the unconventional community dictate his words.  He stays true to his values and you can tell in this book. I highly recommend it if you are starting out on your own Slacker Revolution.

Buy it now for $24.95.  Use code: Slacker for 10% off.


31 Days to Building a Better Blog by Darren Rowse

31dbbb ProductsDarren Rowse runs ProBlogger and he has run this 31 day series in the past.  While it was originally delivered by e-mail, he compiled all of the exercises and more into this single e-book.  I prefer the e-book to the e-mail series because I often would do multiple activities at once and sorting through the e-mails and linked pages was a hassle.  When I’m struggling with topic ideas or just looking to improve my blog this is one resource I go back to again and again.

Buy it now for $19.95.


The Liberation Revolution by Jonathan Mead

liberate yourself ProductsThis Liberation Revolution is the Manifesto for Project Mojave. An online business community focused around creating a sustainable business from your interests.  Much like Reclaim Your Dreams it calls you to ignite your dreams and join a movement dedicated to cutting the cord from the cubicle nation.

Get it now for Free!



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