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So many productivity gurus advocate a variety of e-mail management systems and although I’ve never had a problem with e-mail management (I’m not a guru in demand) I have implemented AwayFind preemptively.

AwayFind Homepage
AwayFind Homepage

AwayFind is a free service provided by SET Consulting which provides an intermediary service with a variety of options for managing your incoming information flow.  You can also pay for a higher level of service with more options for managing your e-mail.  AwayFind has already been featured on Lifehacker and Stepcase Lifehack, two websites I frequent often.

So far I have opted for the free service until a greater quantity of incoming email necessitate a change.

AwayFind’s free service offers the following:

  • AwayFind Contact Form
  • E-mail Autoresponder Setup
  • E-mail Signature Setup
  • AwayFind Inbox
  • Contact Options including Text Messaging and E-mail

The AwayFind Contact Form is what people will fill out to contact you depending upon how you provide the AwayFind link.  My AwayFind contact form can be here:

As you can see it includes spam filtering, contact information fields, and a brief space for the message.

I use the E-mail Autoresponder attached to my business gmail account.  This sends anyone who emails me an automatic response with an “out of the office” style message and includes my AwayFind address for contacting me if it is of immediate importance.

You can also use the E-mail Signature setup to create a personal signature including your AwayFind address which will be appended to any e-mail you send.  I don’t use this option as I prefer the Autoresponse message.

The AwayFind Inbox is just that.  An inbox of those messages which are left through your AwayFind Contact form.

Lastly, AwayFind provides two options for contacting you when someone submits their information via your contact form – text messaging and e-mail.  I prefer the former as I have AwayFind’s contact form setup for when people need to contact me immediate.  Texts will get my attention much quicker than e-mails as I prefer to batch my e-mail tasks.

Overall, I have not had my AwayFind Contact Form used a great deal, although I do not receive high volumes of e-mail.  We shall see where it goes in the future.

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  • Based of luck with AwayFind, Carl! Let me know if I can ever help at all :-).

    jared AT setconsulting dot com

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