Project Mojave Launches!

I’ve talked a bit about Project Mojave if you’ve been following me on Twitter and I’ve mentioned it here briefly.

ProjectMojave Project Mojave Launches!

Clay Collins offered the opportunity to get in on Project Mojave at an early stage and I jumped on it.  I sent my money in before the submission form even went up because I know Clay is the real deal.  He gets stuff done and wants you to as well.

So first, I recommend you go watch this.  It’s the Freedom Business Blueprint.

If you’re wondering what that means, I’ll give it a short description.  A Freedom Business is the business that you can create to get out of a dull 9 to 5 job or just create some real income on the side.  The Blueprint part is really the valuable part, Clay gives this stuff away.  It is basically the outline of what a quickly profitable Freedom Business will look like from the inside out.

Now if that’s not enough for you to at least go check it out, this should be.

I recently reviewed Jonathan Mead‘s ebook Reclaim Your Dreams (which I still recommend) and Mead has written the manifesto for Project Mojave.  The Liberation Revolution is our manifesto.  And you can get it hereFree.

There’s tons of great information in The Liberation Revolution and I recommend it highly.  Jonathan Mead is one of Project Mojave’s faculty members of which there are many exceptional names.

If Clay Collins and Jonathan Mead aren’t enough for you, add Laura Roeder (who I’ve been working with on Creating Fame), Michael Martine of Remarkablogger, Dave Navarro of The Launch Coach, and more to the faculty and it’s a killer opportunity.

I stand behind Clay totally.  I’ve met him and the man knows his cards and this is his Ace.

Check out Project Mojave, Opt-In and really download the manifesto and watch the Blueprint.  They are worth your time.  They’ve been worth mine.

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  • You mean to say that all those people are joined in an effort to make this thing really work? This I have to see to believe.

    I'll be keeping a close watch on how things are going all over the board and if this Project manages to do what it promises I'll dive in head first.

    If this project manages to actually make me setup a successful freedom business and create financial independence I'll come over there, shake your hand and buy you a cup of coffee if you take me up on that invitation. (5000 miles for a handshake and coffee)

  • Indeed. I was amazed at the staff that Clay is bringing in on this thing. It's an inevitable ass-kicking for good.

    Now to keep my own butt in gear and work on my project. So much to do, not enough sleep to power it.

    I would definitely take you up on that! It would be quite exciting :)

  • It's a deal,

    When the project takes on new members I'll join and work my ass off to get freedom, a planeticket and two cups of coffee.

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