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Are you driving along a pale imitation of your dreams?

paledream Are you driving along a pale imitation of your dreams?

Then you should probably change gears.

All too often we accept a certain position at work, relationship circumstance, or home believing that it’s a foot in the door to our dreams.  Yet days pass, months pass, years pass and you’ve only got your foot in a door.  And it probably hurts a bit for being stuck there so long.

Shouldn’t you say it’s time enough?

Unwedge that foot, kick open the door and see the world.

Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create that fact.

William James

To rephrase William James: believe that dreams are worth living.

Now that you believe. Act. Belief without action is empty.

It’s not a matter of time that you’re dream will come to you once you believe in it.  Regardless of how much The Secret tells you otherwise, or how much positive thinking you put towards it.

391759360 88e636bc8c Are you driving along a pale imitation of your dreams?

Belief is only the key in the ignition.

Someone has to turn it, and that, my friends, has to be you.

Start by getting out of the driveway.  Nice and easy.  Don’t gun it if it’s your first time at the wheel.  Pick some easy hills to climb so you can learn to shift.

You will have to learn the road along the way because dreams don’t come with turn-by-turn GPS navigation systems.  You’re best off with a rough map and some directions from trusted friends and advisers.

Map out some landmarks as you go.  Noting your progress is important so you can remember where you came from.  The sense of accomplishment at recognizing these in the future will only be more rewarding.

Soon you’ll find yourself driving with confidence, navigating unknown terrain with ease, and realizing that you are on your own road to the vistas in your dreams.

Title Flickr image by Gabriela Camerotti.