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Updates and More – Video Blog 3

Posted on 18 May 2009 by Carl

Filmed via iSight on my MacBook Pro in Arlington, VA.


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Introducing Carl at Slacker Reform – Video Blog 1

Posted on 27 March 2009 by Carl

Welcome to Slacker Reform

Excuse the occasional umms and pauses.

I’m going to attempt one of these every week or two.

In the meantime subscribe to the RSS feed and follow me on Twitter.


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Slacker Reform Reborn

Posted on 24 February 2009 by Carl

Slacker Reform was initially an outlet for my personal venture into reform.

It is now my story and advice in a form that I hope will help people create the life they want to live.

It focuses on the idea of Lifestyle Design.

How we consciously choose to travel through the world in a meaningful and self-reflective mode.  By leaving behind our 9 to 5 jobs, vagabonding across the U.S. or just taking a more direct and involved approach to living life our way.

Inspired by work from Chris Guillebeau, Timothy Ferriss, Clay Collins, Leo Babauta, and writers from sites like Lifehack and LiveDev – this is my contribution to the movement of people who aren’t willing to stand idly by and let the world live their life for them.

The motto: Live, Learn, Succeed.

Spread the word, spread the movement.  Live outside the box.

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