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Are You Afraid of Being the Small Fish in the Pond?

40000271 b29376caf1 b d Are You Afraid of Being the Small Fish in the Pond?

Just because you’re not the biggest fish in the pond doesn’t mean you have to leave the pond.

Trust me; there are always bigger fish, smarter people, more established experts, better dancers, savvier marketers out there.  It doesn’t matter.  They’re not your market.  They’re not your enemies either.  You only have to worry about them if they come after you, and if you’re the small fish in the big pond they probably won’t even notice you.

If they do, remember this: you are younger, more agile, less tied down to history and expectations.  You can get into those tiny niches that they could never go.  Being the small fish in the big pond is better than the big fish in the small pond.  Your potential is vast whereas the big fish has already outgrown the pond.

So don’t feel pressured to hold off your ideas cause it may have been done better or by someone more established because they way you do it, because it is YOU doing it that makes it unique.

My point is this:

don’t let your fear of not being the best hold you back from giving it your best.

Flickr photo courtesy of EssG.