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An Interview with Cath Duncan – The Bottom-line Bookclub

 An Interview with Cath Duncan   The Bottom line Bookclub

Cath Duncan – Life Coach & Location Independent Professional

And all around awesome person.

I had the opportunity to meet Cath in Denver for lunch when she was traveling through the U.S. for a month with her husband.  We had a great time and snapped the above photo.  It really goes to show how you can develop strong connections with people across the globe that resonate with your lifestyle through social networking, blogging and more.

I interviewed Cath last week about her entry into the world of Location Independent living and her Bottom-line Bookclub series.

She shares some fantastic stories about her transition into location independent living and the online world as a complete newbie and the challenges it presented her with.  Her ability to understand problems and how to ask smart and open questions really provides insights into how we should approach the difficulties in our life.

She also delves into how our perspective influences the options we see in our lives and how, once we change our way of viewing the world, we open up to the opportunities that were there before us but we failed to acknowledge.  Removing the blinders enables us to focus in a whole different manner.

Please enjoy this interview with Cath Duncan.

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The Bottom-line Bookclub

BLBC banner7 An Interview with Cath Duncan   The Bottom line BookclubHer Bottom-line Bookclub series takes one personal development book each month and breaks it down into its core ideas.  It’s easy to skim over books and material and fail to put that knowledge into action, instead the Bottom-line series gives you a workbook with exercises meant to guide you through the growth process.

This month the book was The Flipside by Adam Jackson.  The Bookclub also includes interviews with the authors, a social network to collaborate with other members, and daily tips.

Get a free copy of last months Bottom-line book – Escape from Cubicle Nation by Pam Slim – by giving Cath your feedback just by filling out this survey.

Disclaimer: This post does include affiliate links for the Bottom-line Bookclub and by helping to spread the word I’ll earn a percentage on any sales made here.  I don’t endorse many products here at Slacker Reform but Cath’s Bookclub is an excellent program and if you enjoyed the interview and filled out the survey (do it, it’s free!) and still want in on the Bookclub please use one of my links and throw a few bucks my way.