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Are You A Tool or A Voice?

3294583250 ecefc97012 b d Are You A Tool or A Voice?

Tools are indispensible to share your voice.

In the world of gadgets and social media and network it’s easy to mix up the tool with our voice.  Wrapping ourselves up in the tool we forget it is our message, our personal voice that gives value and not the tools we use to broadcast.

For a while I’ve been writing most of my posts in the wordpress editor and if that isn’t quiet enough I use WriteRoom or Typewriter.

Writing on the computer is much faster for me than writing by hand.  Yet that speed sacrifices the care I take with each word that a pen affords.

This is something I’ve noticed before in my interactions with people.  In online chat my hands fling out words and my dialogue appears hectic and scattered.  I come off like an ADD chatterbox.

Offline I speak slower and usually only after sitting back and considering things.  It’s quieter, a little more reserved and more certain.  My speaking voice is more my voice than the 90wpm clatter my hands deal out.

And so, I’ve transitioned to writing my posts, my copy, by hand.

Sometimes our true voice takes more effort.

My effort is in deciphering my hand writing since it is not easily legible (I gave a magnifying glass to my 6th grade teacher along with a paper once).  Yet I’ve found the tools which more clearly carry my voice. A pen and a yellow notepad.

Think about it the next time you carry on a conversation with someone.  Examine the rhythm of your speech, how you pause or ramble a bit.  Which words do you weigh, what do you focus on, what is just filler.

Then examine the tools you use to write, to convey your message.  Do your tools help or hinder your voice?

Your voice is your message.

What are you saying?

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