Vagabonding – Starting Long Term Travel

I have hit the road.  Visit my Travelogue over at Vagabond Cafe.

After a month of deliberation and semi-planning I took off from Maine.  I landed in Atlanta December 8th after a few tribulations – losing my wallet, missing my flight, losing my book (on vagabonding) – and immediately headed out dancing.  A great relief.

My plan to travel has been spurred by many factors, but the principal one which gave me the idea to travel without a home was reading the Four Hour Workweek and coming to the conclusion that my life wasn’t really on any particular road and I was just doing what had been presented to me – not what I had chosen for myself.  I had lost my job, had multiple reasons to leave New York City behind not least the exceptional expense of living there, my ties of being in a relationship were over all of which created an opportunity.

Perhaps I should have done a bit more prep and research before I left, but I’ve spent almost a month in Atlanta (with a week trip to Asheville) which has served as a gestation period for my ideas and route through the U.S.

Things I would have prepared a little differently for:

  • wait an extra week or two to pad my accounts
  • get my motorcycle license
  • line up a bit more work in Atlanta (I tried this but it didn’t work out)
  • research vagabonding a bit more

If you are planning a vagabonding trip I recommend a few resources to start:

There are many more which would come in handy that you’ll discover on your own.  Starting with Vagabonding and Four Hour Workweek will definitely give a jumpstart to your dreams of leaving the assumed real world behind.

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  • DUDE!! A man after my own heart. I'm so happy to hear this great news. So... I'll get on reading The Four Hour Work Week - of course, Andre has already read it.

    I have twice packed up my life and hit the road. Once, 10 years ago to camp around the US of A for 6 months (ultimately 8 months with some extended stays) and once 4 years ago to travel in South America with Andre for 6 months. Couldn't recommend the old wandering lifestyle more.

    If you're traveling around the US by road, I have some recommended reading - "Blue Highways" by William Least Heatmoon. My fellow traveler and I listened to it on tape as we drove, read by the author - it was awesome. We also listened to Lolita by Jeremy Irons - and loved it. Not really a traveling book but if you've read it already, you might find it interesting to read again for the traveling aspect. Oh, and for some vagabonding/dishwashing amusement, read "Dishwasher: One Man's Quest to Wash Dishes in All Fifty States" by Pete Jordan. Hopefully, you'll have lots of time to read, because that's a great, easy read.

    I've included the travelpod website where Andre and I posted our travel blog in South America. I wish I could give you the information about our travels in the US, but unfortunately, that was pre-blogs, big time. We did send out regular e-mails, but I only have them in print form now.

    Keep me posted! Hugs, stay safe and have a great time!

    P.S. Not knowing blog etiquette at all, I'm hoping this isn't too long a comment!

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